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By enrolling in the FREEDOM OF CHOICE Free Trial Program for RIXUBIS you may be eligible to receive 4 free doses of RIXUBIS* along with valuable educational resources. Download and complete the FREEDOM OF CHOICE enrollment form for RIXUBIS with your healthcare provider to get started today.

*Free Trial Program is for new RIXUBIS patients only. Participants must receive consultation and approval from a healthcare provider.

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Your Local Shire Representative is available to connect with you and help answer all of your questions about the FREEDOM OF CHOICE Free Trial Program for RIXUBIS. Representatives are there to support you on your journey and help you get on your way to receiving your 4 free doses.

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Please see RIXUBIS Indications and Detailed Important Risk Information.

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You may be eligible to try RIXUBIS [Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant)] for free today

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