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Shire: Committed to the hemophilia community for over 60 years

A legacy focused on patients, research, and innovation

Shire is focused on providing support and resources for the hemophilia community. Our dedication and commitment to providing programs and services for the community helps positively impact the lives of people with bleeding disorders.

Please see RIXUBIS Indications and Detailed Important Risk Information.

A Legacy of Dedicated Support

1968: First commercially available factor VIII concentrate. 2002: First needle-less transfer device: BAXJECT. 2006: First needle-less transfer device designed specifically for patient convenience: BAXJECT II. 2013: US RIXUBIS [Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant)] launch.

Connecting with the unique programs Shire provides can help you reach your goals

Shire financial resources

Shire's CoPay Assistance Program: This program offers CoPay, Coinsurance, and Deductible support to eligible hemophilia patients with commercial insurance, regardless of household income. Enrollment is quick and easy. Call 1-888-229-8379 and answer a few simple questions about yourself and your pharmacy. Visit hematologysupport.com for more information, as well as full Terms and Conditions for Shire's CoPay Assistance Program.

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